Øresund Space Collective CD Release Party - Dragens Hule, Copenhagen 21/1/06

Session 18

This was our CD release party and we had just got our CD and the t-shirts and it was going to be a great night despite the fact that it was like -5C outside. Damn cold. We were the only band and I was really hoping that people would show up and they did! We started about 10 minutes after 22 as I had planned and played for about an hour. We had a great energy. The place was filling up slowly. I was selling a few CDs and t-shirts but it was a great vibe. We started the 2nd set about 23:30 and wow, there were a lot of people, I guess about 65 or when I looked around. We were really flying and played the best stuff of the set this time around. Most of our Swedish friends, Tobias and Dorte, Kaufmann, Inzect and some of his friends, Erik and Petter as well as my friends in Gas Giant (Tommy, thomas and Jesper) and many other people I knew. Johnny brought Suzzane and Göran from Drahk von Trip. IT was just a great night. Jocke, played bass on the 3rd set and it was great to have him back playing with us. We had spent a lot of time getting the PA set up right and we had an amazing sound this night as you can also hear on the recording. The whole band was flying… IT was late when we finished but not as late as usual. I was exhausted but had an amazing time.

CD1 Set I

Almost missed it fly By 9:12, Nope..Got it! 13:14, Rasta Man jams in Space 11:56, Flowers appear out of Nowhere 6:22, Take the Forest into Space Again 9:54

CD2 Set II

Stratosphere Surfer 18:31, Sounds in my Head 7:12, Bump in the ICe 15:10, The Lizard Lives On 13:59, Jumped Right Off (incomplete) 6:30


Jocke's Back! 14:13, Strecher 12:37, Hypno Stoner Groove 13:26, The Moon SHines On 8:43, Mind Therapy 14:03, Out we Go 10:56