Øresund Space Collective- Session 21 in the MM Space Place. Saturday April 8th, 2006

Tobias and Kaufmann arrived at my place around 2:30 in the afternoon after Kaufmann had picked up a new Sonor Jazz set from the 80s. We hung out for a while and listened to the new On Trial and Baby Woodrose CDs, some kingston Wall and some OSC. I made some spaghetti and then we took off for the MM Space Place about 4:30. Kasper, Magnus, and Michael were there ready for us. Kaufmann did not want to play on Sørens drums and Mogens had not shown up yet (and he never did!), so it took a bit for the drums to be set up just right, etc.. so we had a beer and some joints, as usual. Heard some of the last jam in Malmo (#19). Magnus had the big muff and a small stone pedal in his arsenal today and it sounded great. Tobias he also just got a new guitar and was excited to play it. It is a 1974 Telecaster in very good condition. Beautiful guitar.

18:00 We just had the soundcheck jam and Tobias needed to trun up but other than that is sounded really good. Kasper was not set up yet though so after 15 minutes, he was set up and happy and we could have our first real jam... Wow....we played some heavy grooves during the end of the first jam. Cool. Kaufmann is playing some swinging and heavy stuff as well. Great sound and vibe...


MD1 51 minutes.

There was a great vibe in this first jam and quite a heavy groove built up. Great dynamics between tobias and magnus. Still no Mogens.. Strange he does not call?? Anyway, the break was short and another joint is floated....

MD2 54 minutes

Wow... I thought we had some intense stuff in the first jam but damn this was some heavy stuff, perhaps the heaviest we ever played at times. Not a long time before we geting going again.

MD3 45 min

This jam starts with Magnus on Synths , Kaufmann, Tobias and Kasper on Congas. I play only very shortly at the beginning and sit down. After a very cool guitar riff is started Michael jumps up and starts playing the bass again. A great groove is layed down now. The synths magnus plays you can hardly hear though...ok...it does not really develop that much. Kasper and I sit a lot of this one out with a lot of crazy guitar madness going on... Kaufmann is really a monster... keeping everything up beat, no breaks to slow down much. Some pretty cool stuff in this 3rd jam...

MD4 51min

Again, this starts with Magnus playing the Oscar (Gettin' Loopy) with Tobias on guitar and kasper on bass and kaufmann. Michael and I mostly sit it out.. Klaus W showed up with a huge bud of skunk and a joint was produced.. Everyone was very high already.. This stuff is all over the place but there is a cool piece in the middle of this jam but it is mostly noodling... in all directions..

In the end, a great session of music and quite intense at times...



Slow Stoned Alien 7:24, Warts are Lovely 19:48, Volcano Rock 23:35, Rice Sticks in the Mud 11:19


Volcano Explodes on Mars 29:33, Nothing 3:28, Out of nowhere she appeared 8:13, Eastern OSCAR Underground 5:11, Flash of Light 18:21, Oodle Doodle 5:44


Give it to Me 15:56, Gettin' Loopy 10:04, Special Ropes Required 14:06, The Klaus Effect 9:50, Looking for Fish in the Stew 5:09, Whatever it was, it's Dead , NO Stopping Kaufmann 2:18