Space Jam Session 24 turns into OSC meets KAABEL II 9/9/06

Kaufmann's Rehearsal Room, Malmö, Sweden

I took off from my place 17:20 for the bus and then took this to another bus and then to the airport. Caught the train at 18:16 and was in Malmö center in 30 minutes. Kaufmann was right on time to pick me up and then we went straight to the rehearsal room. Luz, Jerry and Tobias were there and all set up. I had never met Luz (Brazilian percussionist) or Jerry (Ruff Skunk) and soon after Emil and Ola arrived with all ther gear in hand. Kaufmann was all set up to try to do a multitrack recording and this took us quite some time but it seems we were successful. Sound was excellent in the rehearsal room and everyone was in a good mood. Not sure when we started to play 21??) but we had a short warm up jam 9min to see that everything was working. I recorded everything on to MD as usual and all went perfect.

The first jam was about 54 minutes and then we took a break to go outside. Inzect had arrived. We were not sure if he was coming or not. He and Kaufmann set him up while we went out. IT was a beautiful warm night with a full moon. Some joints were smoked and more beers consumed. 20 min later we go back in start an ambient jam as Kaufmann went to get some food. THis was interesting how this jam built up just waiting and waiting for kaufmann to start playing the drums and he was just waling around doing anything but playing the drums... come on man... then he kicks in and we take off.... This next jam was a total of 53 minutes with the first 20 or som being ambient. We had some intense moments.

We have one more final jam, lasting 70 minutes and then everyone has had enough. Some real krautrock intense head spinning stuff in this long jam. I felt very spaced out with 4 synth players.


Testing the Gear 9:09, Still getting it Right 4:54, Let's Fly 13:46, Hyperbolic Eclipse 9:06, Jerry's First OSC Dub 9:15, Riff Raft 8:17


By the Light of the Moon 13:42, Space Walk Fox Trot 22:16, Dub Bubble Burp 16:55


The Long way Around 26:32, Don't be Scared 16:47, Lost in the Synth Sea 18:21, Steam Stream 8:11