Session 26- Studenterhuset, København November 8th, 2006

The band on this night:

Dr. Space, Mogens, Michael, Søren, Magnus and Sebastian. Only 6 of us..

It was a hard day but amazing as well. Started at 16 when we packed all the gear up (Magnus, me and Mogens). Sebastian was sitting in his car when I arrived at 16 and that was great. He had a 6hr drive to get here. Andy, the van driver was 30 mins late but we packed up the stuff and were at Studenterhuset at 17:30. Michael, Søren, sonja and the Siena Root people were already there. Everyone was waiting for us. We set up all our gear said hello. Sonja worked hard to get the lights and projector up and running and we set up for soundcheck. We could barely fit on the stage but it was cool. Took until after 19 then we took nearly all the gear away and Siena Root set up. I set up the merchandise table with the 2 extra guys who were traveling with the band. One, Stian, played Sitar with them. Anyway, a lot of our friends were showing up to help with recording and just to support us. After Siena Root finished at 20:30, we all went to an all you can eat Turkish buffet resteraunt and had a nice meal together. These are our true friends. Such kind people and very gifted players. Anyway, back to the club at 21:15 and they hit the stage at 21:35 and played a killer one hour set. Wow.. the crowd loved them as well. THen it was our turn to put all the gear up once again! I think we started about 23:15 or so and we played all the way until 1:00, when we had to stop. We had the cool projections again and some white and blue lights by Sonja. We played some heavy stuff as well and took really long trips. People were flying and loved it. Great to see them all getting into our trip. The people are out there.. Spread the word..


CD1 44:11

Flying to the Darkside 18:48, Primordial Stew 11:15, Your Space Rock Order is Ready, Sir 14:19

CD2 59:11

Olpa take me Away 16:35, Bass Bubbles Burst 11:43, Come into our World 17:39, Rock me Space Baby 13:11