Session 29- Dragens Hule, København Feb. 9th, 2007

I showed up at the Dragens Hule about 17:30 and Kasper and Jesper were eating some food and trying to figure out the PA to make it work optimally. The Swedes were suppose to arrive between 18 and 18:30. I brought all my gear into the club and went up to see if Magnus was around. We went over to his work and got the projector, I put up the screen with the help of Kasper and we cleared the stage area and decided we would use the house mixer and my new one that I got today instead of Mogens mackie mixer. Magnus and I moved down all his gear (now Michael had arrived) and Stefan's gear. THe club was looking good but 18:30, no sign of the swedes. Sent an SMS and they had no even left Sweden yet. 19:30, Tobias, Emil and Ola arrive. Yeah... After a bit of greeting, they set up their stuff quite fast. Mogens had forgot this computer at home and we needed this for the projections, so he and kasper drove tobias's car back to get it. It as not until almost 20 when Kaufmann and Luz (who had a lot of stuff to set up arrived). We wanted to start the show right at 22 as a guy named Steen was to video tape the show but had to leave at around 24 because he lives more than an hours drive away and has to work the next day. Around 22:30, a lot of different people showed up, including Göran, Sussane and Micke from Drahk von Trip, Stojs and Per (who both would record the show incase I had problems, which I did not!). It was a tough job to find space for everyone as we had as many as 9 playing at the same time on this night. Wow.. We heard some cool music like SEID and Zeitloop while setting up.

Anyway, soon after 22, the place had a lot of people and we started to play. The players on the first set were:
Stefan- guitar, Tobias- guitar, Thomas- bass, Luz- percussion, Kaufmann- drums, Dr. Space, Ola and Emil all on Synths. Jesper on djembe (not mic'd on the side of the stage)

We played long jams in every set this night. We played a little over an hour in this first set and as we had no time for a soundcheck, there was a lot of trying to get things so everyone could hear each other and adjusting but it seem to work out. I could not concentrate that well to play until the end of the 2nd set as their were a lot of distractions. Anywya, we played some incredibly heavy and groovy stuff.. People were pretty blown away.

We took a short break and had a beer and some a joint and then we changed the members and took off for the 2nd set so Steen could video some of this set as well. I think he got about 20 minutes. I played the My Sleeping Karma CD.

The players on the 2nd set were:
Stefan- guitar, Magnus- guitar, Michael- bass, Luz- percussion, Kaufmann- drums, Dr. Space, Ola and Emil all on Synths. Sussane- violin, flute and vocals.

This set was one long 75 min jam that had really hypnotic and incredible moments... I was flying totally.... People really seem to enjoy it a lot as well. It was getting louder and louder it seemed to me. People said the sound was good but I never believe them as Magnus was right behind me and I could not hear him at all for the first 30 minutes yet I could hear stefan on the other side of the stage. I finally, after much persistance got him to turn up. We will see if I was right when we hear the recording. Sorry Magnus..

We were pretty drained after this and we took a 45 minute break and hear Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.

The players on the 3rd set were:
Micke - guitar, Magnus- guitar, Tobias- Guitar, Thomas- bass, Luz- percussion, Göran- drums, Dr. Space, Ola and Emil all on Synths. Jesper- djembe and vocals.

This set was a total trip and blur for me. I remember parts being cool and also parts where I was not sure what was going on. The groove was damn heavy at times and Göran and Thomas really pushing the tempo and the guitarist were totally ripping it up, all three of them. I think there we will be some mindblowing parts amongst the strangeness. I think my synths will be too high at times as I felt like my hearing was going, even though I wore earplugs for all the 2nd and 3rd sets and end of the first as well.

Wow.. we played over 3 hrs of music and still a decent crowd of people left when we finsihed at after 3 in the morhning. A lot of people said it was an amazing show and one guy siad the coolest show he had seen in the last 10 years! Thanks to everyone who came out (peter, rene, anders, john, kim, per, stojs, petter, foxy, tom, detest, nils, anders, etc..) and also to Mogens and Kasper.....awesome party..

Set I

Going where not has gone before 24:38, Foxy's new Shoulder 19:38, Tom's Small Pants Advice 18:47'

Set II (this set was one long Jam)

WOW P1 17:29, WOW P2 26:13, WOW P3 33:23


Psycho Space Bandit P1 20:58, Psycho Space Bandit P2 22:35, JJPP 8:17, Slut Slut 17:50