Session 32- Studenterhuset, København April 12th, 2007

I loaded up my gear and headed off to pick up Stefan and Thomas at the old Gas Giant rehearsal space. Stefan was already there having a few beers when I arrived. He was in a great mood. Thomas called and said he was on his way at 17:22. We hung out and he was here shortly. We had already loaded up the car so we talked about Stefan's new band project, SumoSun. He is in a very creative period at the moment and is very inspired. This is great.. Anyway, We arrive at Studenterhuset and about 17:55 and Siena Root are setting their gear up for soundcheck and Ralph is here to do the sound. I thought he was still in California. Great that he is here. The Swedes and Magnus are suppose to arrive at 18 but are running late and do not get here until nearly 19. Not a big deal as the Siena Root Soundcheck is going super slow. Nice to see these guys again. Really amazing people. I like them very much.

Quite a few other shows happening tonight. I hope some people show up..Mogens, Stefan, Thomas and Magnus are talking about how to play tonight. What kind of tuning. Stefan is tuned down to D and so will Thomas. Magnus will play in A as he usually does. We talk about how to create dynamics. This is a good talk to have. We rarely do this.

20:00 Things are running really late.We have not even started our soundcheck. People are hungry and thirsty. Mogens has disappeared to look for a USB cable for his X-station. Ralph tells us we can only play 45 minutes. We had hoped to play for 75 minutes. We will see.. Too early to tell.. I had hoped we would be able to start at 21 but there is no way now.

21:30. We finished the soundcheck at 21:15 and ran off to eat and I am getting my costume on and will start with some synth improv on the Octave Cat while the others get high....

23:15 Wow.. after a nightmare soundcheck with bad cables and massive delays we did get to play with a full belly of food. Slows you down a bit. Mogens is feeling ill..This was a far out show. We play extremely melodic like I have not heard us play. Stefan really took the lead in the sound tonight and played some really cool stuff and this put pressure on Magnus and he was killer as well. I think we all played pretty nicely. I had some trouble controlling the CAT at times but managed. I could not hear Mogens synths at all in the mointors.

Sold 4 copies of It's all about Delay...

It was a small crowd, perhaps 50 people, a lot of our friends, Jesper, Tommy from Gas Giant, Nils, Anders,Kai, Susan, Dorte, Jesper, Jens (very drunk), Foxy, Tom..