Session 35- Playing in the Band IX, Plauen, Germany 5/19/07

11:06 Got to sleep about 4:20 or so. Too late.. I think the others were up drinking, singing, playing guitar until about 6. Not sure how they can do that.. I had earplugs in so I did not hear them that much. It was a hell of a night. We all had an amazing time at the really great venue and the Grateful Dead people are a super cool crowd to play for. Magnus is up now as well. Everyone else is still asleep. The sound is really nice on my audience recording but the synthesizers are almost not heard at all?? What's up with that?? Very much a guitar show with the 3 guitar players. Drums are quite loud but not terribly overwhelming. Great grooves...

12:35 We just had a great breakfast buffett and everyone is in a great mood and up except for Mogens. Beautiful sunny day and a bit windy. I need some fresh air, my lungs hurt from all the smoking... I crash out again..

14:30 I feel much better after these two extra hours. After my shower, Mogens is still asleep, Magnus and Pib are sleeping again and Luz is reading a book (The Wisdom of Insecurity) and Jocke and tobias are out on a walk.

15:24 PIB is awake and playing and singing songs on the acoustic guitar. People are rolling a lot of joints and ready for a beer now. Jocke is now playing some guitar as well.

PIB playing songs for us

18:00 We are hanging out at the venue. We are the first band tonight at 20:00 and Tumbleweed (A Grateful Dead tribute band, who played on Thursday) will play after us. It is a fantastic day and we are sitting out side in the beer garden having cokes, beers, and smoking. We will get dinner at 18:30.

Magnus, Mogens and Luz Jocke, PIB, Mogens

19:50 We are about to play. Had a really nice dinner and sold some CDs to some people and a t-shirt. Could have sold 2 more t-shirts if we had XL size but they are sold out long ago. We have decided we will play two sets and take a 5 min break in the middle for a beer and smoke.

22:10 Wow... what a set. Magnus was on fire and Tobias played totally killer delay guitars. Some really awesome grooves. I wonder what the wedding party upstairs in the resteraunt thought??? The place is filling up with people again. We played good in the first set and perhaps even better in the 2nd set. Sure felt amazing. Rene, a big fan of ours who helped to set up this show (suggest and press them to book us) shot 40 mins of video on my camera and it is prety good. I will put some on the web. Well, that was great to play those two nights. I canøt wait to experience the shows again and hear the recordings.

1:30 Tumbleweed are still playing but I am totally wiped out tired and trying to get people to go soon as we have to drive early in the morning. I drive Tobias, Luz and myself back. Everyone else will get a cab. They are getting very drunk. We get free alcohol! Tumbleweed are really a hit and miss band.. SOme tracks are quite good and others not good at all. The two drummers are not that good at playing together and it gets really messed up at times. Lead gutiar player is quite good though.


4:30 I get a phone call from magnus and they are at the front door. Mogens had lost the key we gave them. He lost all his keys, got sick... They are all very drunk.. They will not be happy to get up at 8:30...

9:05 We finally leave Pension and Annelisse but it was very hard to get these people up this morning and I had to use some evil techniques (loud noises, castenetes). We had to get going as we have a ferry to catch at 15:45 to try to get the car back to Sweden before 20:00. I also have to pick up my daughter. No one got a shower today and some did not even get the breakfast. Mogens is really hurting.

9:45 We are finally leaving the venue with all our gear and some drinks after saying the final fairwell to Gerd and some of the folks that are up and around. The people working in the bar are sitting outside and totally drunk... Some of the Tumblweed guys as well.. wasted.... I will drive as long as I can. PIB is in really bad shape. Feeling ill and complaining a lot. I hope he does not get sick in the van..

14:45 I drove up until now and Tobias will take over. We will never reach the ferry on time despite me only stopping 2 times (once for gas) and anotehr to strech. I also have been driving between 140 and 160km/hr. Quite fast... We have heard some cool music- Electric Family- Ice Cream Phoenix, 35007- Liquid, Litmus- Planetfall, Gov't Mule (debut), Widespread Panic best of again, Sula Bassana and Antibalas again as well.

15:45 We are still about 75km from Puttgarden. I don't think we can even make the next one.

18:36 IT was total chaos at the ferry. Lines are all backed up. It took us an hour to get through this mess and our ticket sorted out. I will for sure not be able to get clotho before 20:00 and the car will be a bit late. Hope we don't get any extra charges.

20:15.. I am home.. great small tour.. hard work but I am sure we will all do it again...

Set I 57:23

My Right foot is on the Wrong Side 16:58, Got it all Backwards 18:38, Who made that sound? 21:47

Set II 52:32

One for the Wedding Party Upstairs 18:42, Footprints on Mars 15:05, The Aliens just left Plauen 18:43