The Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen Denmark October 5-6th, 2007

This is the diary for the studio session for what will be our 4th official CD release and a nearly totally different line up that we have never had in the studio. IT will be exciting!

11:30 Bought the beer, drinks, food, snacks, and have been practicing the Octave CAT and I will pickup KG from the Metro Station in less than an hour. I will go meet Thomas and pick up his gear around 15:30.

14:00 KG and are just haning out and we listened to the Black Tomato CD and reading the manual for the Octave Cat. We just ate a big salad and I will leave to go get Thomas at 15:00.

15:30 Picked up Thomas and his bass gear and off to the Black Tornado studio and tehn back to get my stuff and KG and his stuff..

17:06 Lars showed up early and he has a very nice assistant named Fredrik. Young guy who has probably never ever heard music like this before. Everything is going well with the set up and everyone is in a great mood. I shot a few minutes of video of people just hanging out and setting things up.

17:40 All is setup and the PA is close as well. The first joints are bring smoked.

Gear List for this Studio Session

PIB- Jazz Drum Kit (see pics)
Luz- Massive cool percussion set up with congas and bongos
Thomas- Marshall Dynamic Bass System Amplifier, Line 6 Bass Pod, Big Muff, Fender cabinet
KG- Peavy Classic 50 Amp, JMX Echo Machine, Stone Face, Small Stone, Vox Wah Pedal, 1975 Stratocaster
Tobias- Fender Bassman Head, Fender Twin 12" Cabinet, Compression Sustainer, Wah Pedal, Super Overdrive, Turbo Distortion, Moogofooger, Whammy Link, Line 6 Purple and Green Units, 1956 Stratocaster copy
Mogens- Novation X- Station, Nord Modular G2 keyboard and Engine, Altair 231, Hammond Organ with Leslie
Dr. Space- Nord Lead 2, Octave Cat SRMII

18:47 The rest of the band arrives from Sweden, ahead of schedule! We are just about finished with all the line checks so this is perfect timing!

19:00 Tobias is setting up and Luz as well. Lars says it is sounding really good. No sound in the PA yet..

20:00 We just finished eating pizzas from Hugos and people are laid back and drinking a lot of beers (1st case is nearly gone) and smoking a lot of joints... We just need to check the PA and headphones and the Hammond and we are set for space rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the song titles people are coming up with:

Funny Animal Slippers
Got a Screw Luz
Pizza, Beer and THC
I Vapourized GOD
Clear Blue Blur

21:00 The jams are about to begin. The pre jam sounded really great. I have been filming a little bit.

22:32 First jam was long, 87 minutes long. Some very cool stuff for sure 3 or 4 good sections. This jam had Thomas on Bass. We are using 28 channels so this will eat up a lot of megabits for sure! People are in a great mood and have a good time. More joints and only a few of the 60 beers are left. Will for sure need to buy 60 more tomorrow. Poor Mogens has to go to work at 7 in the morning and can't make it here before 15-16.

12:35 AM We just had the 2nd jam of the night and it was 76 minutes long. Jocke played the bass on this session. We played some interesting stuff. People are really enjojing themselves and feeling well, maybe too well. Stoned and high with music as well. All the beers are gone... Interesting that these jams are not that spacey, really funky, jazzy, salsa, whatever you want to call it. We hear some of the rough mixes and they sound pretty good, drums are perhaps a bit high. Hope for some even better jamming tomorrow!

1:40 KG, Thomas and I leave.. The others will all crash at Magnus's place downstairs from the studio.

My overall feelings about Day 1: PIB and LUZ play really well together and so do Tobias and KG but we don't really all stick into the grooves that long together as the old band. Thomas played really killer bass in the first session of the day. Jocke, he also has a great smooth groove when he plays. Mogens was really played great synth and hammond as well but he seems to get distracted sometimes when he has a killer synth line going and we could just all really fly on it and then he drops out..... As for me, I think I got some cool sounds out of the CAT and did ok but I hate the delay sound that I have. IT is much better with the effect from my small mixer but it was peaking out and we were worried about distortion in my channel so we did not use it.

Day 2

9:50 Ijust got back from returning the beer bottles and buying two more cases of beer and some more snacks. The weather is amazing just like yesterday. I watched some of the video from yesterday and it is great. Magnus filmed about 25 minutes of one of the jams. Really nice. A lot of excellent pictures on my camera from yesterday. I took most of them but Magnus also took some (the ones you can see me in!) 35 minutes of video total. Some studio shit as well.

12:30 Magnus, Tobias, Luz and Jocke come over to my place and we have juice, sandwiches, coffee and tea and then take a walk to the beach for some fresh air. Great day. Everyone is feeling really good and had a good time yesterday.

14:35 We have been sitting in the sun in my yard listening to music and having a beer and a joint. Hear the new Hungarian bands, Sonar and Flyjam. People are digging it.

15:10 We are back at the studio now and KG is setting up the sitar in the control room with two mics and we will start with a chill out jam with the sitar and see how that goes. We will run it through the PA so we can all hear it and he will hear us through the studio monitors in the control room. Have to make sure everyone shuts up.. IT is Tobias, Thomas, me, Luz and PIB on this first jam. Mogens is delayed and can't make it for another hour.

17:00 WOW::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.. The sitar jam was totally amazing. A short 15 minute one and then a long 35 minute jam that was totally amazing.. The sitar has such a cool sound and KG is fucking good...................... I filmed KG playing the last 5 minutes of the jam. Mogens showed up at the end and plays a little bit.

17:20 A piano jazz jam starts with PIB, jocke and mogens on the grand piano. Then KG joins on the organ as well...

18:50 Wow.. everyone slowly joined in, me and Tobias and this was quite cool with Mogens on grand piano to start and later his synths while KG was playing really awesome Hammond organ. I think this jam was a bit over and hour.

19:40 We plan to try to rock out a bit more and Thomas adds teh Big Muff to his bass set up. We all just finished eating pizza again from a different place (not as good as the night before and almost all the pizza orders were wrong. I think Magnus had an old menu card or there was really bad communication. Mogens is very tired. Michael, our old bass player, just showed up. While Thomas and I went to get the pizza's Magnus, Mogens and PIB (on hammond)had a synth freakout session... 22 mins recorded

21:33 The jamming continues but you can see that the joints and beers (he only has a few) are catching up on PIB as he is getting tired in his playing, as are everyone I think. IT was just too much party today again and we can't play well. Tobias and I have given up on this long jam. THe last 20 minutes is without guitars and KG on Hammond again. I don't think we get much out of this jam at all. We should perhaps stop now... Jam was 81 minutes.

I got everyone to introduce themselves on the video camera.. Fun...

22:15. We decide to go for one more jam with the sitar again to close out session 37.

23:07 The last sitar jam was not good. We were playing in minor and KG in major so he stopped us and then in the end Lars and Magnus had not given him a good enough sound so he could not play the way he wanted to so this was not good enough but it was still fun...

Now, we have to pack down all the gear and help to clean up as another band uses the studio tomorrow. About 7hrs recorded and 80GB of data that lars will transfer to our Hard disc overnight and give to Magnus.

01:00 KG and I have our stuff packed up in my car and the others have all moved the gear out and are just hanging out on the sofas in the studio and finished the last beers and joints before calling it a day. I think everyone had a really great time.. Let's see what kind of new OSC sound will come out of these sessions...


Jam 1 86:25
Jam 2 76: 54
Jam 3 47 min (Sitar Jams)
Jam 4 58:34
Jam 5 22:44 Synth freakout
Jam 6 81mins
Jam 7 47:50 (Sitar Jam 2)