Oslo to Trondheim.....

9:35 I slept at most 2hrs. Still had some adrenaline from the late night drive and gig and my mind was racing a bit. At least Kaufmann will help with the driving today. We all have some breakfast (Dave, Keith, Michaela and I). Mogens, Thomas and Kaufmann sleep...

10:15 We are on the road towards Trondheim. 540 km but who knows how long this will take???

14:00 Wow.. we have stopped in some really beautiful places. Everyone is enjoying themselves but it does slow as we can only drive 80km an hour or less on these roads.

22:00 I can't remember when we arrived here in Trondheim but it has been dark for the last 5hrs of the drive and we went to the store and bought some food and we are all at Lar's house and Kaufmann has made some really nice pasta. Now we relax and have some beers and listen to some great music.

Lars House.... Trondheim

It was a really fun night.... Dave, Micheala, Keith and I sleep at Lars house and Mogens, Thomas and Kaufmann to go Sigurds place, which is not far away.

Day 3

10:20 I got up at the same time Lar's girlfriend. We have a chat in the kitchen and have some tea and coffee, bread and stuff.. Dave's girlfriend is sick, which is a drag. She has flet terrible all the days...

12:45 We leave to go to the rehearsal place (right next door to Motorpsycho) to check out Lar's Mellotron, pick up a bass cabinet and get Sigurd's gear, including the sitar guitar!

Mogens gets to play Lar's mellotron

14:00 We leave to go see a bit of Trondheim but it is crowded with shoppers and it is getting dark. We could not find a partking place so we end up just going to the venue. We did drive by this really cool old church though...

Setting up the gear

16:50 We are all setting up at the soundcheck now. The stage is small. Lars has to sit behind the PA. We will manage but it will be tight . Thomas will be on the floor as will I.

18:00 We had a cool soundcheck. I recorded some of it. The sound was massive. I am quite certain the people in Trondheim have never heard anything like this before! Everyone is in a really great mood...

19:00 We went to the store and bought leeks, broccoli, fish, red peppers, onions, garlic and will cook up something with rice and get back to the venue by 21:45 and start playing at 22:30. I don't think we will take a break but just play straight for 2 hrs as we have to stop before 01:00 at the very latest. Dave and Kaufmann make some really nice food. I am quite tired but will get some adrenaline again soon....

The things we do to play music for like 20 people.. is it worth it? What makes us want to spent 15hrs driving in a van to play in Norway for 20-30 people??? The answer is that we are actually playing for ourselves. We do it for us and we make this music for ourselves. If the rest of the world likes it, all the better but they don't have to either... We are listening to the first Procol Harum CD now. Cool bluesy stuff..

20:10 We are just about to eat now.. I am starving... Thomas, Lars and Mogens have been down in the basement making strange music with loops, farfisa organ and stuff..

21:30 We leave to go to the venue. Everyone is happy and excited to play. Perhaps Lars and Sigurd are a bit nervous as they have never done this free form space rock thing before in front of an audience..

1:30 Wow.. what a concert. We played one set a little over 80 minutes and then we took a break as everyone was really thirsty. I did not want to stop but we could not have cans of beer on the stage, they had to be in glasses so this was a bit of a pain in the ass. This was quite intense music and a total wall of sound and more spaced out than in Oslo. The concert started with just me and Sigurd and then everyone else slowly entered the stage. Quite spaced out stuff to begin. A long slow start. The 2nd set was only like 30 minutes but a really heavy trance groove was going. Oh yeah.. we played a bit of Assault and Battery in the middle of the first set. It was very cool. Dave said Thomas kept playing the bass line over and over and he just had to play the guitar riff and off we went... That was fun... Anyway.. we got a soundboard recording as well and it sounds cool. We will try to merge it.

3:30. Finally got to sleep after we loaded all the stuff out of the club and into the van. The place was packed with people for the after the show. IT was nasty cold and rainy weather. We spent a bit of time when we got back to Lars around 3 to put my recording on their computer and my photos and burn me a copy ofthe soundboard recording. etc...

 30 seconds of video from the show

Day 4

7:30 ONly slept like 2.5 hrs and I will be the first one to drive this morning as we will try to get on the road at 8. Keith was up with the others drinking until 5 in the morning. Anyway, had some juice, granola bar, pee and brush my teeth and get Kaufmann up and we are off to pick up Thomas and Mogens over at Sigurds place. They were ready... Yes...

17:38 We are finally getting to Sweden. That was a long and very beautiful drive through the mountains and they had a lot of fresh snow the last 2 days. It was not very fast going though... Kaufmann took over driving around 14 as I was feeling spaced out... It is raning a lot and really crap weather. We will not get the car back by 11 and will probably have to pay for an extra day.

21:42 We are still about 140km from Malmo and have no chance to get the car back in time now. We will head straight to the Bland Bladen rehearsal room and drop off the drums and then go to denmark, fill the van up with gas and drop all our stuff at my place. The others can get it tomorrow.

23:15 The van was suppose to be back at 23. The guy from EuroRent just called and asked when we would have the van back. I told him a bit after 12. He said they would leave the lot open until 1:00. IT was 12:30 by the time we got to my place in Denmark.

That was it.. Kaufmann returned the van and the tour was over... IT was a hard trip. 16½ hrs of driving on the sunday. I don't want to do that again. My ass is sore..


The music we listened to in the van during the 30 hrs of driving. All CDs from Dr. Space's collection..

Hidria Spacefolk- Live 11AM
Causa Sui- Free Ride
Dragon tears- 2000 Micrograms from Home
Cosmic Invention- Help your Satori Mind
Kingston Wall- Live
Frank Marino- World Anthem
Antibalas- Who is this America?
Electric Orange- Morbus
La Ira De Dios- Archapterix
Akhmed- Chicxulub
Fun WIth Mushrooms Compilation CD
Seid- Creatures from the Underworld
First band from Outer Space- Impressionable sounds ofthe Subsonic
Colour Haze- Tempel
Femi Kuti- Fight to Win
Monster Magnet- 4 Way Diablo
Clutch- From Beale Street to Oblivion
On Trial- head Entrance
Mandragora- Temple Ball
Rotor- 3
We- Dinosauric Futurobic
Korai Öröm- 1997
Ogre- Seven Hells
ØSC- Session 37 stuff
Baby Woodrose- Chasing Rainbows