Øresund Space Collective Session 46 (MTT)

The Players: Dr. Space, Mogens, Tobias, Magnus, Michael, Søren, Anders, Johan, Jesper,

18:00 Johan and I head over to Dragens Hule. Mogens and a couple of guys are there. It does not look much different than when I left last night. Mogens was going to set up his stuff and clean up a bit but I guess that party with Sonja and Magnus went on after I left. No big deal. We head up to Magnus’s place upstairs and they are making food. Søren, Michael, Magnus and Sonja. Leek soup with cheese and bread! Smelled good. We hang out up there until 19 and then we all go down and set up. Tobias has arrived from Sweden as well now and so has Thomas. Everyone is in a really good mood.

20:00 We had a pretty good soundcheck and the monitor sound is good on stage now. We just need to get the over all sound in the room with sound in the PA ok and then we will be ready to fly. It is pretty relaxed. Johan and I are alone here as Kasper and Henrik (Who will work the bar) and Mogens have gone to get some food. We just chat and hang out. Projector is looking great so we will be ready to fly for sure! I really wonder how many people will show up???

22:00 We just had a soundcheck and some of the Swedish people are here, Nils and his friends. The mushroom Ice tea from Sweden is here as well from Stojs and Palle. About 20 people here now. We just had the soundcheck jam and that was really cool. Wish I had recorded that. I think Stojs recorded 5-10 mins of it. Steen has arrived to video tape the show as well.

24:00 Wow.. the first set was a trip, a little more than an hour and some really cool and heavy and spacey and jazzy stuff. Mogens and I are trippin’ a bit. It was cool. Everyone said the sound was really good. I could hear great where I was but was really sensitive to the sound and what was going on. Anders on the sax really is cool but he throws me off sometimes and he was having a lot of sound problems and really make this abrupt sounds and feedback at times before he got it all sorted out. It is very hard from him to play with some much sound and loud… I think we played about an hour.

02:00 Ok.. the place it totally wacked out with people laughing and tripping their brains out now. This set had the return of Michael on bass with Søren and that was awesome. Some super heavy grooves. Johan was suppose to play guitar but he was feeling too strange to play from the mushrooms so he will wait until the 3rd set. I was coming down now but still in a strange state. Beginning of this set was mind blowing. Set was 71 minutes.

03:30 Wow..what a mess that was. We tried to have a third set. Thomas was suppose to play the bass but was passed out upstairs and his bass was falling apart. Strings falling off, broken knobs, etc.. Not sure what the hell happened! We had to borrow Michaels. Jesper from Gas Giant played drums, mogens on bass, Johan on guitar to start and Magnus on synths. It was insane stuff. Mogens and Jesper could not play anything together and were all over the place. Johan and I had to give up as it was impossible to play with them. Johan switched to bass when Mogens gave up, Tobias came on guitar and then Magnus played guitar and now something happened and we played a super heavy jam for 5-10minutes. I had already turned some of my synths off but came back on to play this killer groove. That was it for us… Magnus and Jesper played some stuff with a friend Kenneth on hand drum for 5 minutes but only like 10 people were left now and it was insane.

Crazy fucking night! So was mushrooms a good or bad idea??? Good for the audience but bad idea for the band…. Never again before we play… I hope the recordings are good!

Set I
The Trip Begins 18:04, Starting to feel it Come On 12:38, Flying High 9:34, Jazz Ship To Mars

Set II
Mushrooms in my Head 29:34, Don't have anymore mushroom Tea P1 15:45, Don't have anymore mushroom Tea P2 23:06

Mushroom Mess, The Mushroom Floats off 20:03, oooops