Session 47 Diary

This was the CD release party for our 5th CD, Good Planets are hard to Find on the Transubstans Label. I was not sure about playing but damn I had an amazing time playing with these guys. Anyway, we switched the bass players and guitarists a bit on this night and played for 3hrs.

The Carpet Knights were suppose to open the show (3 of their members often play with us) but sadly the singer and drummer were ill.

20:29 The Swedes from Carpet Knights arrived with the new CD and it looks great. We have most all the gear but not the projector up and running. Thanks to Magnus for helping us out to get this up and running. It is going to be a cool night, I just hope some people show up. The Sumo Sun guys stop in after a full day of mixing in the studio. They leave before we start to play.

00:15 We just finished the first set of about 70 minutes long and had some really cool grooves and some really spacey stuff as well. It had a good feeling. This was the first time ever to have Nick from the Univerzals playing with us and he totally fits in well with us for sure. Cool guitar player.. Thomas played the bass on this set and laid down the killer groove. Phew... Only about 25-30 people, so quite a poor turn out. We are taking quite a long break and Pär will play bass in the next set.

1:30 That was a strange 2nd set. Thomas played guitar on Tobias's set up and he was just too stoned to play. Took 5 mins for him to figure out his tuning and he just never got into it until the very end. Gave the set a very strange vibe as Pär was kicking ass on the bass and being the lead instrument. Far out set and less than 50 mins since Thomas was out of it, sadly. He is a great bass player but not good enough on the guitar to play in OSC. Not at this time anyway..

03:15 Wow.. now that was a killer 3rd set. Jocke played the bass and Nick and Tobias were back on the guitars. Søren played some percussion and Magnus took over Mogens synths. Very trance groove material. Smoking guitars as well but a bit lost in the mix, which was not as good as the first set. Fun fun night...

We sold 8 cds (I think) and had a good time. Only 20 paid people so we only got 800kr. 500 goes to the Swedes to pay for the bridge and gas. I did not get home until 4:15.. totally exhausted....

Next stop Finland...

Set I 71:23

In Search of a new World 18:57, Interstellar Collision 13:53, I need to Go 21:56, Whipping Stick 15:30, Band introductions 1:04

Set II

Stoooned 29:22, Crush it Down 17:23


Hiding in your Pocket 29:01, Get it on Up 12:44, Black Trance Pants 23:29

The players on this night were: Par- Bass (2nd Set), PIB- Drums, Dr. Space- Synthesizers, Mogens- Synthesizer, Nick- Space Guitar, Tobias- Space Guitar (Set I and III), Thomas- Stoned guitar (set II)
Thomas- Bass (Set I), Søren- Percussion (Set III), Magnus- Synth (Set III)