Session 56- Space Station Studio CPH, København Denmark 10/10-11/09

8:00 IT is saturday monring OCt 10th. KG and Love from the Stockholm band, Siena Root arrived last night at 01:00 on the train. We did not spend much time chatting as we had all worked that day and were tried. We would have a busy day tomorrow (today).KG brought his sitar, some mics, and effects pedals and Love, some hand drums. Mogens, Magnus and Thomas are all suppose to come over today. The Swiss band Ginger are playing tonight in Dragens Hule so we will try to get as much done as possible. The point of this recording session is to make some more jams with sitar for the next Dan MCGuire spoken word CD, in which he will us a lot of OSC sitar music on. I think it will be great. He just does not have enough to make a full CD.

11:00 The gyus are up. CLotho had left so she did not get to see them this time. We will eat some food and get busy setting stuff up right away.

Instruments used in thsi session:

Dr Space- Nord Lead 2, Octave Cat SRM II, Kaossilator Pad, Yamaha CS-10, OSCar

KG- Sitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer programming

Love- spring drum, hand drum, tabla drum, tambourine (small one), acoustic guitar

Setting up the Mixer Microphone on the Spring Drum Preparing the sitar

15:00 We have had 3 jams now (14, 18 and 11 minutes long). The 2nd one had a long beginning and not much was happening. The 3rd jam, we wll felt the beginning was really good. Love switched from the spring drum to the hand drum. Mogens called and his neck is bothering him so he will not come. Thomas never got back to me so I assume he is not going to come and play some bass.

16:00 We have recorded like 6 pieces now and we have decided to try to program some drones on the OSCar and NOrd Lead as this is easier for the sitar to have a rhythm. Magnus is not coming now, so it will just be the 3 of us. Instead of OSC, it is is really West, Space and Love, this session.

16:50 We just recorded a very very cool jam with the bass rhythm provided by the OScar and I just modulated as it went along. I also used a bit of the kaosscialtor as well. THis was jam 8 and about 15 minutes long.

20:00 We did a few more jams and I made some vegitarian pasta and we had some beers. Everyone is feeling fine and thinks we are doing cooler stuff now. Sone 11 has KG playing the acoustic guitar. This was very good.

Song 13 is one of our favorites. KG plays some killer electric guitar and I did a very cool solo on the Kaosscilator tuned to sound like a sitar. We are finished for the day now and will head out to Dragens Hule for the Ginger concert.

Day 2

11:45 We are all very tired. We got home at 03.00 oin the morning. The GInger concert was great. Man, they really jam and rip it up, SOme great blues and psych rock. We will not record a lot more today, I don't think.

14:30 We just did an overdub of the tambourine on the Jam 13 and we had recorded two more short jams this morning. Love on acoustic guitar, KG on Sitar and me one some drones.

16:00 THe guys head off to the train. I burned all the jams, 9GB of files for KG so he can do some mixing on it in Cubase at his home. I now need to make some rough mixes for you all to hear and to figure out what is the best stuff.

OSC Session 56

Jam 3 14:08
Jam 4 18:35
Jam 5 11:17
Jam 6 8:43
Jam 7 7:41
Jam 8 14:52
Jam 9 13:13
Jam 10 11:45
Jam 11 6:16
Jam 12 10:39
Jam 13 7:32
Jam 14 8:16
Jam 15 6:51