OSC Session 61 Dragens Hule, København 3/19/10

The Players: PIB, Magnus (Set 2), Stefan (Set 1), Thomas, Mogens, Nick, Dr. Space

19:00 Freek (our DJ from Belgium) and I arrived to Dragens Hule and Siena Root had all their gear set up but were still setting up all the microphones for the 24 track analog tape recording they are doing of all their live shows these days for a live LP, which will probably come out next year. I have no idea how many people will show up tonight but everyone is in a good mood.

20:00 Freek and I have been up having a beer with Stefan, Thomas and Magnus in the Mantric Muse rehearsal room. They are all in a great mood and excited to play tonight. We hear some Gov’t mule, Sumo Sun rehearsal and some of the new OSC slip into the vortex mastered version. They think it sounds great. I am very tired.

21:00 Siena Root sound check sounded great…

21:55 I have just been lying down for 20 mins and chilling out to Planetary Unfolding. Had some Faxe Kondi and some cookies and feel a bit more alive and will go down and see how many people are here now and what it looks like.

22:15 Siena Root are about to start. There are 40 or so people here now. Not bad. I really had hoped they would start earlier as their set is like 100 mins. We won’t start before 1am now.. I hope Stefan and Thomas will be sober enough to play. We will see.

12:00 Siena Root just finished and now we have to take all their gear down and put all of ours up. This will take a while.

2:15. We just finished the first 68 min set and this was pretty strange and bizarre stuff. Stefan was very tired but I don’t think too drunk and played really psychedelic moody melodic stuff and Nick really laid down the rock. Sound was amazing where I was but Stefan was a bit too low. I don’t think Nick could hear him at all as I could barely hear him. It was a blast to play and people were really into it. Now people are leaving though. I guess we lost 1/3 of the people.

4:15. Fuck… We have finished the 2nd set which was like 85 mins long and the last jam was totally amazing and evolved into psychedelic DOOM. We never played that. Both Nick and Magnus played amazing guitar in this set… I liked Mogens Hammond stuff a lot as well. I was too tired at the end. Fun show..

Set I

Where to start 26:05, Voidless Universe 25:40, Space Shaker 8:39, Groove Machine 7:53

Set II
Synth Space Out 8:06, Nick Twist’s your Head 31:19, Dangerous Planet 18:08, We found the Dark Budda 27:51