Øresund Space Collective- Lades, København 4/8/10

Sue and I showed up about 19:30 and Mogens, PIB, Jonas, and Nick were already there and GNOD had just finished their soundcheck and were taking the drums down so PIB could set his full kit up. Everyone was in a good mood and it is great to finally meet GNOD, after reviewing their releases for the past few years. Very cool people.

We finish our soundcheck around 21, just before they are starting to let people in. I hope we have a good crowd. I set up the merchandise stand and is pretty normal for us in Denmark, we will sell nothing, so why bother to bring the stuff????

21:40 I am trying to get things started. The club owner does not want us to start before 10:15 but we want to play at least 90 mins. I also want some people to be here to see GNOD. There is a decent crowd now and a lot of our friends but also some people I have never seen at one of our shows. All the guys in Causa Sui are here as this is the first time that Jonas (guitarist) has played with us. Folks from Death Rides a Horse as well.

11:50 We are finished now and played a damn cool concert for about 100 minutes. PIB was AWOL though so the first 10 min jam was very spacey and without drums. Jonas and Nick played fantastic and this was the first show I used my modular synth at and it worked out pretty ok until I made a strange patch at the end.. Mogens had terrible sound problems so did not play that much synth and mostly Hammond. I think everything became much louder when we played compared to the soundcheck, as we had no bass as Thomas did not come until around 21.

12:30 GNOD are playing now and are really into tripped out hypnotic stuff. Sound is pretty damn good actually. Their synth player has this little Dark Energy unit that makes cool sounds. Two guitars, female bass player and drums. The lead guitar player, he also played bass, so they had two basses on several tracks. They played trippy stuff for a little more than an hour. Cool show. I don’t know what the set list was but they played the first track from their new cassette for sure.


Lades Space Intro 10:54, Here we Go 12:57, Frying Minds 12:45, A Gnod for YOu 12:11

Frozen Landscapes of Mars 14:14, Filled Spaces 13:33, The Unstoppable Force of PIB 24:07