OSC Holland Tour April 2010

Destination- De Vinger, Den Haag...

April 15th

8:02 I am sitting outside waiting for Jocke to come and pick me up so we can get to the other guys and hit the road by 9:00 to catch the ferry at Rødby at 10:45…

8:30 Jocke is still not here even after sending me an SMS a long time ago saying he was on his way. Turns out his card was out of money as Hertz drained his bank account for the deposit on the van! He had to call his mom to get some money for the bridge. Shit..

8:50 We are the rehearsal room place and PIB and Magnus are ready but Mogens and Nick are still not here. No way will we get out of here by 9:00 now. People are in a good mood and PIB is smoking..

9:05 We are now nearly packed and ready to go.. That was fast.

9:20 We are listening to Rocket Boy by Pothead and driving fast toward the ferry. IT will be close.

10.05 We are probably going to miss this ferry as we have 75km and 40mins to go. Quite a few cars on these small roads now. Lucky there is a ferry every 30 mins.

10:25 All these construction vehicles slowed us down and there is no chance to make it so we are stopping at a rest site for a smoke and to pee. Damn..

10:46. We missed it.. still 12km to go… We will make the next one for sure.

12:03 I will start to drive now after a nice lunch and ferry ride. I really hope they have finished this construction between Hamburg and Bremen. It was a nightmare last time. We were stuck there for 3½ hrs and arrived at like 8:45 in the evening in Leiden.

16:07 We are now hearing Obskuria’s new CD. We also heard dream machine, Jeff Beck- Who Else, Edgar Broughton Band- Keep them Freaks a Rollin’.

Traffic was hell…. We still have 300km to go so people have another joint and we keep on truckin…. Guess it will be 19:30 by the time we get to Leiden to pick up Jack. My back is not as bad as it could be. Magnus will take over the driving now.

16:41 The stoned people are a bit paranoid about the rear tire so stop and take a look and figure out if we should to go a gas station and check it out. I think it all looks fine. IT is a little low but we have more weight on this side and tire is only slightly lower than the other side. We will hear the Graviators now from Sweden.

17:29 About 90mins to go now. Magnus is not feeling that well and I will drive again. Mogens is sound asleep. People are psyched to play today though.. We heard Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush- Live.

19:30 We are finally to Leiden and will to straight to the venue.
20:00 We are at the venue now and eating some vegetarian pasta that Jack made. The club gave us each 5 beers.
20:25 Had some food, talked to my daughter and now it is time to set up. We try to start at 22:00 as we have to stop at 00:30.

21:36 We did not bring the 2nd guitar head as we were suppose to so we are waiting for this to come. Jack is loaning it from the Orange Sunshine guys. Thanks guys! My back is hurting a lot but I look forward to playing. My friend Feddo is hear and several people from the gig in Leiden as well.

01:30 What a gig. We had really cool dynamics tonight and it was loud! Some Irish friends who are mates with Danny from our vinyl record label, Pariah Child are here. Cool. Met a very cool German fan and we are his favourite band. Super nice person. I sold some records and a few CDs.. We had 23 paid people so we got 115€ from the door. One major fuck up though, I forgot to erase the last show I recorded and only got like 15 mins of our first set recorded (and all of the 2nd). Lucky, another guy recorded the first set.. Phew… I have no idea how the recording will be but I think the synths will be loud. It was a very good night.

1:53 We are about to leave and Jack will drive the van back. I drive for like 8 hrs today. That was enough. We are taking a few extra people back to Leiden so the van is totally packed.

3:15 I crash out… Roadburn next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!