Day 2 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Holland April 16th, 2010

“some people make traffic jams, others make space rock jams”…

9:55 Everyone is awake except Mogens. It is his birthday. Nick has bought him Valley of Neptune, the new double vinyl record by Jimi Hendrix and we have all signed the card. We need to get out of here by 10:30 as we are suppose to get to the Bat Cave at 12:00. Jack says with no traffic problems it takes 75 mins.

10:40 We are off and I am driving to Tilburg. It looks like a straightforward drive. We will see.

13:30 That was fucked up. We made one small wrong turn that cost us 10 mins and then when we hit Tilburg it was as major traffic jam that wasted at least 30 mins. Another wrong turn in Tilburg and another 15mins wasted. We talk on the phone with the Roadburn people at all was cool.

14:07 We are all set up now and checking the lines and people are in a good mood. I was about to pass out from no food since yesterday and had to go eat before I could set my stuff up so I was the last.

15:05 PIB, Nick and I are hanging out in the backstage and I am putting on some face paint and relaxing by back. We have our own room which we will share with Samsara Blues experiment, the last band in the bat cave today. I am tired and sweaty but starting to get psyched…..

19:45 Wow.. that was totally amazing. We played exactly our 90min set and went down a storm. Magnus was so incredible on this day on the guitar. I had a really fun time and I think we got into the groove pretty fast, with only the beginning a little strange. Sound was great on the stage and while the room was not packed to start, it slowly filled up during the first 20 mins as the cue outside was very slow this year and it took some people an hour to get in. Saw a lot of people I knew from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, etc.. My friend Anders video taped our whole set from the balcony. I also recorded the show from the balcony but have not heard it yet. The VPRO people said due to a fuck up on their part there is no keyboards on the first half of the show. This really sucks. They will have to be loud from the room mics to make up for it. Not sure what we will do about that. I am about ready to start my festival! Great time at Roadburn…..


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