Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Lades, Copenhagen July 8th, 2010

Daniel, a big fan of the band took the train up from Münster, Germany to see us play and he was staying with me so I had a personal roadie to help me out with the gear. There were some other bands playing on this day as well at 18, 20, us at 22 and Rare Grooves at 00:30.... Daniel and I arrived around 20:30 and PIB pulled up in a taxi with his drums just at the same time as us. We helped upload all the stuff and care it down into the very very warm club.... IT was packed with a mostly older crowd watching an acoustic blues set by Paul Banks and Jørgen Lang.

. Paul Banks and Jørgen Lang

There was an open parking place right in front of the club and I was able to hold this for Tobias and Jocke when they arrived from Sweden. I was pretty surprised when Tobias stepped out of the car and he had cut off his long hair! Wow.... Anyway, they were in a good mood and I gave them the copies of Slip into the Vortex for all the Swedish OSC players that played on the CD.

Mogens and Nick arrived about 21:35 and the acoustic duo was just finishing. Some of our friends were here now, which was really nice and everyone was in a good mood. I was wondering how many of the people that were in the club before would stay to hear us do something completely different.

Anders, the sax player had not shown up and did not answer is phone or SMSs... we had arranged to have Asher do the sound tonight (He did the greta sound for us at Loppen years a ago) specifically for Anders.......

22:15 We are nearly all set up and still no Anders...

00:30 We played a blinder of a gig.. Wow..... not sure what kind of jazz that was and Anders never showed. Anyway, people said they really liked it a lot and that is sounded great. Both Mogens and I had some sound troubles but other than that I think it was cool..... Some other OSC members were here- Thomas, Stefan and Magnus. Nice to see some of our other friends as well but few people.I think there were like 40 people. It was also pretty hot in here.


Is this Jazz? 26:21, No hypoglycemia in the Ward 7:42, Daniel's First OSC Trip 11:58, Mixing the Pot Well 20:31

PIBs cramp Jam 11:34, Levitating Magnus Jam 20:24, Smashing the Jazz atom 11:41