OSC Session 68- Black Tornado Studio, København 24/9/10

This is quite exciting, our 6th recording session with a lot of new and old people jamming with us. I had a terrible night sleep as I am suffering from bronchitis and the drugs are not helping at all. I had to go to a work meeting and then when I got off the metro train, at 14:30, Mathias Danielson was just going up the elevator with his pedal steel and guitar! Perfect timing!

16:10 Magnus just showed up to give us a ride to the studio with all our gear. Sadly, Magnus will not be involved with this session.

17:15 No Mogens, Nick or Troels yet. They were supposed to be here early to set up the drums and stuff which takes a very long time. It is just Stefan, Mathias, Jiri and I.

18:15 They are finally here and in a good mood but 2 hrs late. It is going to be a late night since we are getting off to such a late start. Troels has a huge drum kit and is setting up this bell, xylophone thing. It was very cool sounding. Johan called and they will get here around 21:00. I am not even sure we will be playing by then.

19:10 Things are moving forward and Claus Bøhling has also arrived now. We still don’t have the PA set up and there is some confusion where to put it and also all the gear. We have a huge set up today with 5 guitar set ups. People are smoking joints already and having some beers.

20:00 Drums soundcheck starts now. He is very loud and has a huge kit. We are going to set up these plexiglass plates up to shield the drums.

20:35 All the guitars, bass, drums are line checked and the PA is now working and we put it at the other end of the room then we usually do. Nick and Stefan are playing very loud and we are trying to get them to turn down a bit and they are resisting. I am very tired and hungry and need a coke…

Gear List for Recording Session

Stefan- Marshall Cabinet 70s, Les Paul custom, Soldano Head, Line 6 digital delay, Univibe, Octave Fuzz, Boss Pedals-Equalizer, Flanger, Digital delay, chorus. Stone Machine, Cry baby wah, volume pedal

Mathias- Roland Space Echo RS-201, Fender Twin Reverb, Gibson SG 1973, Chromatic tuner, Electroharmonix NanoMuf, wah pedal, Sho-Bud Professional Pedal Steel. On the 2nd day he switched amps to use a very nice PARK set up.

Jiri- Cilander custom 5 string bass, Fafner EBS Head, EBS dual cabinets 4x10 and 16”

Nick- Fender Stratocaster, Park Head, Sovtek Cabinet, Ibanez Flanger, Boss Distortion, Digital Sampler Delay DSC3, Digitech Whammy, Tube Screamer, Roland GR20, Vox wah pedal, volume pedal

Troels- Ludwig drum kit, Brosphons Cymbals, Bell Xylophone and a lot of other effects and toys. Drum pad

Claus- Fender Showman head, 18” fender cabinet 70s, Boss- Chromatic tuner, DD7 digital delay, Super chorus, Super overdrive, Blues driver. Marley Wah volume pedal, digitech Whammy

Tobias- Fender stratocaster, FoxRox- Pararox TZF, Maxim- Rotary Phaser, Moogfooger Analog Delay, Super Chorus, Wah pedal

Mogens- Mellotron, Nord Modular G2, TuneLine Damage control delay unit, Alesis Andromeda A6, Custom Modular Synth

Johan- Telecaster, Mess Boogie head, Peavey Volume Pedal, Boss digital delay DD6, Ibanez tube screamer,

Dr Space- Octave Cat, Yamaha CS-10, Nord lead 2, Custom Modular synth, kaossolator pad

Pär- EBS bass cabinet, acoustic Model 320 head, Cry baby wah, flanger, Ibanez- Delay Echo, Bass Chorus, Fuzz Bass MXR, Polish custom made Precision Basses, Super Octave, P7 Phathead

KG- Custom sitar with hummbucker pickups, Hammond organ, Roland SH09, Vox amp for the sitar, Hammond and synth through the same fender rig that Claus used.

22:07 We are all eating pizza now and Johan and Tobias are here and setting up their gear. We had one jam with 4 guitars and 37 mins. A few parts were really amazing and it was surprising

Players on this jam: everyone. Sounds was great but some like Claus thought the drums were too low and isolated. Stefan and Claus had a very good communication.

00:30 Wow.. that was 2 jams. A short 32 min one that was really free form noodling with 5 guitars, although Claus did not play much as there was no frequencies or space in the sound left. Nick was very stoned it seemed. Tobias played a lot of flute on these pieces but I was the only one who could hear him in the headphones.

The next jam had some really great stuff and was 67 mins long. Claus, nick, Stefan and Johan on guitars. Mathias joined at the end and Johan dropped out. Mogens hardly played anything. He could not hear himself well enough to sort out his sound and just bailed out.

1:30 We had one last jam with Johan and Mathias on guitar and Mogens sorted out his synths in the meantime and played a killer solo. IT was pretty heavy at times. Some really cool stuff for sure. We shot 41 mins of video on this day.

2:00 Johan, Matthias and I leave now but it seems the others will drink, smoke and have one more jam. It is basically a Univerzals jam now.

Day 2

9:00 I got up and Johan was also awake now.

11:30 We have been listening to SKL, Brant Bjork, Hypnos 69 and King Crimson this morning. People are in a good mood and fresh, except for me. KG will arrive in a few hours. I need to run to the post office and get a shower. We had some juice, bread, muesli, tea, coffee and people are doing well.

13:50 Johan and Mathias went out to the store and I took a shower and went to the post office. I am quite tired and was going to lay down but Tobias, Jocke and Pär just arrived here! Now we just wait for KG and we will all head over to the studio. Everyone is in a great mood.

14:30 Spoke to Mogens and they just woke up and were over at Lar’s boat drinking until like 7:30 in the morning! Crazy guys. KG is not here yet…

15:32 KG arrived at 14:40 and I repatched my modular, PIB is all set up and mic’d up. Tobias is almost set up and Ola will come around 18 and Jocke will pick him up at the metro!

16:15 We had the first jam, very short with everyone (only 1 bass-Pär) and sitar. There seems to be a problem with the Hammond. Mogens set up a Farfisa organ! We are all ready soon. Sitar jam was in the key of D.

17:18 This started with a sitar piece and pedal steel and ended up with Mathias on guitar and he Tobias and Johan were amazing in this 25 min piece. I did not play much. I filmed and recorded most of it. It was a super cool jam. Not very long jam and we peaked early but great stuff.

18:31 Wow.. that was a very cool 40 min jam. I think we are playing much better today. Some of this will be killer. Ola has arrived now. People are in a really good mood and drinking the 2nd case of beer and smoking a lot… Not everyone. It is a half straight, half stoned band. We will have one more jam and then order some food. Fucking pizza again or falafel or something.. I am feeling really tired now and need some cola.

19:43 Just had a pedal steel sitar jam that was pretty laid back and no guitar until the last 10 mins. 29 mins. I video tapes some of this one. I don’t have to play all the time when we have Ola, Mogens and KG playing keyboards…

20:20 We have a 40 min funk jam. Very cool. I did not play that much and no Matthias or KG either. Johan played a killer e-bow solo. I video taped 12 mins of the jam and played a bit.

21:45 We all had some food now and people are in a really good mood. Just before the food we had a short country western jam lead by Mathias. This had an amazing transition where it just changed into a mid eastern psych trance piece with 8 players. Jocke on Bass. Killer..

21:59 A quite strange guitarless jam with Lars on drums, Ola synths, KG Hammond and Par on bass.

22:55 This was a one hour jam and I did not play at all and worked the mixing desk while Lars blowed cigarette smoke on me. Jocke played the bass at the end and Pär the first half. Mathias, Johan and Tobias on guitar. KG on Hammond, Ola on synth. Mogens only played the first half or less of this track. Great jam also.

23:37 We had 1 last short jam with Jocke on guitar, Mathias on guitar, Pär on the bass and it was pretty jazzy. The last part was very cool. We are all tired and will leave soon as we have a big day tomorrow again and the Swedes are leaving early so if we want to jam with them we have to get to the studio at 11 or something.

Day 3

8:00 I got up and Johan was already up and he was fresh. I slept much better last night than I have in a while. Feeling good today. We need to go early though and Anders will come and play sax and Claus Bøhling will also show up again.

12:00 Johan, KG, Mathias and I are all back at the studio now. Claus called and will come around 13. Anders is not feeling well and thought we were playing later so he is not coming this session. Jocke and Pär slept in the studio and Tobias and Ola took the train back to Sweden last night. Mogens is here and PIB should be here in 30 mins or so. People are in a good mood and had great feeling about yesterday.

12:51 We just had a 10 min sitar raga jam with Mathias on guitar, KG on sitar, Par on bass, me and Mogens on synths and Johan on drums! We need to get started as Johan needs to leave at 14 or so.

13:15 We just had a great jam with KG on sitar, Johan on guitar, Jocke on bass, PIB on drums and Mogens and I on synths. Claus is here and setting up around us.

13:57 We just had a bit of a short jam with Claus and he is having serious sound problems with the Fender Twin Reverb that Mathias used and it worked fine on the first day. Johan and the bass players are all packing up now. We all made some amazing music together. Nick has arrived again with this guitar stuff.

14:37 They are setting Nick up to play bass. They could not get a proper rig set up so they are borrowing Lasse’s from PIBs rehearsal room. A powerful Mesa Boogie two cabinet setup. Sounds great. Claus, KG and Mathias are jamming away anyway.

15:27 We just had a real Anthem Rock jam with triple guitars but before this they had a sort of Santana jam just missing the congas! About 30 mins long. PIB is tired but I can see he is gaining energy again. People are still drinking beers and smoking joints and have a great time. Sadly, after Claus got Nicks guitar amp set up he forgot to put the microphone back in front of the amp. It was sitting to the side about 1 foot away still a bit in front of the amp but far away. Hope it is ok. We moved it in the middle of a jam. I don’t remember which one.

16:11 We just had what I think was one of the best pieces this weekend. An eastern jam. Claus and KG really connected on this one and the pedal steel was so cool as well. I was just drifting away in the room. Very laid back and spacey trip to another world. I think it was like 25mins long.

18:05 That is the end. We had two takes on a short country space number that was quite fun. There was a blues number in there and then we did a techno rhythm jam in E that I was suppose to shift to F upon Nick giving me the signal and it just did not work as when I hit the sustain pedal to let the rhythmic note stop so I could switch to F, there was a huge change in the sound and a drop out for 5 seconds that through everyone off. We sure got a laugh out of it and just continued one. Pretty cool jam came out of this in the end with KG on Mathias’s SG, Mathias on a like Gibson hallow body copy and Claus on this Fender strat! It was a great jam.

19:00 We finally got back to my place after packing down all the gear, saying goodbye and getting a cab. In the end it was 180GB of 24bit, 44khz files. I don’t know how many hours in total that is but it must be like 12 hrs of jams recorded over these days. Wow… Next we have to sort them out.

I recorded about 15 pieces on my Edirol recorder from inside the room where we all jammed and these sound pretty good but the drums are loud. I will put up some of these for our fans to hear.

This is the final list of what was recorded by Lars

Day 1

Jam 1 38min
Jam 2 32min
Jam 3 5:30-nothing but tuning and stuff
Jam 4 66min
Jam 5 9min (some wierd synths stuff and tuning)
Jam 6 59min
Jam 7 50:10 (Univerzals Jam without Anders on Sax as the rest of us had all left)

Day 2
Jam 8 44:36
Jam 9 46:44
Jam 10 40:50
Jam 11-no file exists
Jam 12 29:43
Jam 13 36:37
Jam 14 21:34
Jam 15 27:39
Jam 16 63min
Jam 17 24:32

Day 3
Jam 18 45:15
Jam 19 7:26 (nothing in teresting)
Jam 20 40:37
Jam 21 3:42 (nothing)

Jam 22 83min (this has alot of nothing at the beginning)
Jam 23 39:58
Jam 24 36:42
Jam 25 28min