ØSC Session 79- KB18, København Aug 18th, 2011

18:00 I just finished eating dinner and am waiting for Mogens to come pick me up. I also had all of Nick’s guitar gear from Kildemose Festival still at my place. I really hope that we will have a decent turn out for the gig tonight. You never know. 34 on Facebook said they were coming and another 33 maybe. This is sort of the best guess you can get these days. I let a lot of people at work know about this show but it is pretty unlikely any of them will come. Thomas and Stefan are both really psyched to play tonight. This will be the first time we have Jesper on Drums. I had a short nap after work and a shower and am feeling fresh.

18:50 Mogens arrived and we loaded all the gear and off we went. Stefan and Nick were having a hard time finding the place in Stefan’s car and then suddenly they were right behind us! Thomas was already there when we got there and the Sygeregn guys arrived a few mins later.

20:00 We have most of the stuff set up except the drums since jesper is not here and Sygeregn’s drummer is not off work until 22. No one really knows how all these stands are put together and stuff. Funny.. Everyone is in a really good mood and having some beers. It is quite warm in here. Glad I wore shorts and a light shirt. The weather is amazing tonight. Really warm and nice.

20:30 Jesper is here and Kaj has arrived as well. We had a problem with my mixer and had to switch all my synths to individual line boxes and I had to run the Nord Lead as mono. Sound was good but strange on the stage. Stefan was very loud and had to turn down a bit. I have set up the mics for recording but am still concerned about this buzzing but due to the position I have to record from it is best to try the Core sound mics and not the internal mics as the recorder is at the ceiling about 10ft from the stage.

21:00 Soundcheck is done now and everyone is in good shape and outside. I recorded some of it. The last piece was really cool and heavy. Nils, Christina, Jens, Jacob (part of our Roadburn group) are all here. Nice they come out and support the band. We will start at 21:30. I have already sold a bunch of records.

23:15 We played a pretty cool and dynamic alphabetic concert, playing jams in A-G. Stefan borrowed the riff from Endless Drifting Wreck by Farflung to start the Jam in D. Jesper totally rock and it was cool to play with him. He was incredible on this night. He and Nick are so good to play off each other use the riffs they create. Very cool. The last jam of the night was some of the heaviest stuff we had played since a show at Dragens Hule. People liked the show a lot especially the last jam, we even got some devil’s horns for that one! I now have to move my synth stuff to the side a bit more to play with this very cool Danish band, Syreregn (Acid Rain).

01:15 A very cool show. Thomas, Nick, Jesper and I all jammed with Syreregn for a last Jam in D. I played most of the concert with the band. Super cool people and a fun night.

Set List:

Jam in A
Jam in B
Jam in C
Jam in D (Farflung riff)
Jam in E-F
Jam in G
Nick Speaks to the audience