Heavy Days in Doomtown Festival- last day May 6th, 2012

14 I rode my Christiania bike with all of my synthesizer stuff out to the gig at Månefisker (Moon fisher) in Christiania. There was already a lot of people here as the Irish band, Lynched were setting up and soundchecking. IT was a pretty nice day outside.

15 Lyched his playing and all the guys except Mogens is here now. A lot of people here. It will be a great gig if this many people stay to hear us.

15:45 Lyched finally finished and we are supposed to start at 16. We will work fast. It is a simple set up today.

19 It was a great gig. We played some really heavy stuff today and Rune, who had never played with us did an excellent job. The audience really gave us a good response. We sold about 6 cds. A really fun gig as well. We played about 110 mins. MOgens is really low on the recording but other than that it is really good.

1. Flying to the Moon Fisher 21:26
2. Rune’s First Space Flight 10:57
3. Jam for Daniel and Heavy Days 17:28
4. Through the roof of Wes Craven’s Mouth 17:43
5. Twisted Mind 22:11
6. Band Intro 1:52
7. Freeze-Thaw, over and out 20:56