ØSC- Dragens Hule, CPH Phaze your Fears release party

May 19th, 2012

15 I have most of the things in order and just need to rest up a bit for what will be a long and late show. Sabine from Sapphire Records is visiting and will take photos and has really been a great help with the merchandise as well. We plan to leave at 19.

20 Sabine and I rode the bikes out to the venue (loaded with all my synths and the records). It is very nice weather. The gear is all set up now except for Magnus and Me. The guys from Undomshuset and Christiania are setting up the visual projections and three VHS cameras to record the event. Cool... Rune is also here now. He will play in the 2nd set only.

21:30 We are all set up and Birk, Magnus and Nick are jamming. We still wait for Jiri to return from his gig with Fri Galaxe so we will have a bass player. No people are here yet. We will see. Place looks cool, the visuals will be great, sound was good but loud...

23:00 We played 3 jams that lasted like 85mins for the first set. Some pretty heavy stuff already and the people that are here enjoyed it. Only about 30 people so far. People are in a really good mood and pretty impressed with the new record (the look). I am playing Femi Kuti's new record on the PA.

01:38 We just finished the 2nd 75min set and Rune played some really cool guitar. I think he is really fitting in well now and having a good time as well. Only 30 paid people tonight, even though their has been more here for sure. Some people are starting to arrive after the Danava concert that was at KB18. Nils and Tom are here. I am playing Zapara by Ole Lukkøye on the PA. My ears are really ringing after that last set. I think the camera people only have enough tape to run one camera for the 3rd set. Not sure..

03:37 Phew.. we ended the last set now, another about 75mins set, making this a close to 4hr concert. I am pretty tired now but Nick came back in the 3rd set to replace Rune and he had a lot of energy. There was a pretty cool spanish guitar riff jam that I remember. I am pretty tired now but it was a really good and fun night. I look forward to seeing the video and hearing the show again.

CD1 Set I
1. Taking you down Slow in the Garden of Love 37:13

CD2 Set II
2. Mogens says D 31:56
3. Her Bottom End 15:20

CD3 Set II
1. Dangerous Visions 27:25
2. Synth Spaceout 1:10
3. Cosmic Jumping 11:49
4. Rune's Intro
5. Jam for Bill Ward 12:00
6. Band Intro 1:23
6. Paradise only for the Freaks 15:50

1. Shroom II 35:03
2. Spanish Faries 17:33
3. Dragon's Cave passage to Oblivion