Öresund Festival, Malmnö, Sweden

May 26th, 2012

Pär wrote this brilliant letter to the organizers that secured the gig for us. We are a truely Ôresund band with members from both sides of the Øresund and a very active musical collective. In the real spirit of the region. This was our first gig in Malmö in 4 years!

17:00 I am waiting for Mogens and Birk to come pick me up. The weather is nice and warm but overcast. Should be in interesting gig today but too short as we only have 45mins. I wonder how many will come see us at 20:00, so early. This is the first time Tobias has played with us in 1½ years and Jocke has never played bass with us.

18:30 We are setting up now and I have found a great place for the merchandise. No idea if we sell anything but it is much cheaper for the Swedes to buy it here. The festival people are all really fantastic and we are all sorted out with wristbands, food and drink tickets, etc.. A very professional arrangement. Pär has a really cool California Highway Patrol unform on.

19:25 The sound check is going a bit slow but it sounds good on stage. I am hungry but will not be able to get food until after the gig now.. I recorded some of the soundcheck.

21:30 That was a pretty cool gig but way too short. I felt like we were just getting into it and then it was over. Crazy... this is a totally normal set for most bands but for us to play 45mins is just crazy. I guess about 40 people watched the show and they seem to enjoy it. I sold 5 t-shirts and 10 cds and lps. IT was pretty cool. Met some really nice people. I think I saw someone shotting a video on their camera. We will see.

00:00 A fun night. We hung out and had some beers and roawmed around and saw bit of a few bands. The one that played on the same stage as us (Orpheus & Speiderrobot) was some jazzy thing that was sometimes really cool but then sometimes really boring. I was really impressed with the handicap guy who could really contribute to their music with his use of effects and pads.