Session 87- Klaffbron, Malmö, Sweden June 28th 2012

This is a special "Space" party in Malmö tonight. We have to compete with the European football championship between Germany and Italy. Only 38 people out of over 2000 invited on
Facebook said yes. We will see. Tobias was not able to play with us due to his gear being locked in the rehearsal room and the ones with the keys were away. So our friend, Mats, who
has only played with us once back in 2008 for one jam, will step in.

16 I have picked up the van we rent for 800kr. I can not find my parking card for our lot so I was lucky to find a place on the street. The plan is that Mogens will come by with Birk and all the gear and we will load up and go.

18:45 Mogens called and can not fit all the gear so we have to go out to Dragens hule and get the stuff. Nicklas is here so we just load my stuff up and go get them.

17:25 We found out that this van is a piece of shit. The back door on the van is really hard to close and was nearly impossible to open. YOu have climb into the back to get it to open. The tires in the back were nearly flat. Crazy.. We are leaving for Malmö now. The soundcheck is at 20. If all goes well, we will make it on time.

21:00 That did not at all go well. The road along the beach that takes you to the airport was fine but the had closed off the exit to repave the road, so we had to turn around and drive back through Kastrup and find the next way onto the freeway and this was vetoer the airport and then we had to drive through the airport complex and we finally got around to the gas station and put some air in as well. Mats was already there when we arrived and had his gear up on the stage. This is a pretty cool place with a big stage inside and this outdoor patio where we will play tonight. The Klubb Kristallan people were setting up screens and projectors. IT will look cool. Mats was having a lot of problems. He dropped his precious stone pick through the floorboards, his fuse in his amp blew, etc..

00:10 We played a pretty cool and 67min first set. It was 4 jams with a lot of energy. It was quite loud on stage but I could hear everyone well. Nicklas was low at the beginning and will probably be low on the recording due to the angle of his amp. I guess there were about 30 people here. They all seem to enjoy it so far. A friend of Mats was filming with a real video camera and lots of pictures were taken.

02:20 We are leaving Malmö now. The 2nd set was just about an hour and we really wanted to play more but it was really late now and some of us had to work tomorrow, including myself. The people were really dancing and having a great time at the end a real pity we had to stop. We sorted out all the receipts, etc.. and then had to go. Nice people. I am sure they will invite us back to play again.

03;10 I am finally going to sleep. I had to return the van and then ride my bike back home. I was tired and it was dark and I had real trouble in this light without my glasses to put the combination on the lock to open the fence where I had to put the van and the key. Time to sleep. It was a fun night.

Set I
1. Klaffbron Jam 25:05
2. Beyond Blond Forever 12:47
3. Band Introductions 00:44
4. UFO off coast of Sweden 12:50
5. So Loud, Seeing Stars 16:50

Set II
1. Kristallan Jam 19:27
2. Slippery Python 14:43
3. We leave in Peace 25;03