Recorded in first week of May 2007. This was to be an all acoustic affair.. Play Around- A loop boxed around a jam with my friend Donny. Bounce- a two part thing. I had no idea where this was going. Kinda started out as a jig or ...then I added the bakcwards parts. Cape Sunshine Matter- I wanted this to sound like the Byrds. Filed Mice Blues- Last minute heavy minded brit blooze. Jasmien Ramble- Teh acoustic track I mentioned earlier- I had an image of this one geezer on a porch wearing mittens and noodling around in the key of A. Italian Cafe Scene- Spandex turns into Tweed. Bannerman Stomp- Instrumental by ??grinder and the shredded Fieldmice. (My favorite CD at the moment). Jamming with Donny- I set up my minidisc in our living room to record some demos. Bass, keyboards and extra guitar added later.

Play Around


Cape Sunshine Matter

Field Mice Blues

Jasmine Ramble

Italian Cafe Scene

Listen to the Morning

Bannerman Stomp

Jamming with Donny