TWO TUESDAYS (live in cedar city,utah)

Leila, my future wife was at the University at SUU when we met. I was playing in a C&W band in Page, AZ. I moved in with her in late 2000, before going on tour with singer-songwriter, Mattt Miller. Meantime, a cool record store called Groovacious Records opened in Cedar City and I played there a couple of times. IT was run by a nice couple who were friends of the late John Fahey, a big influence on my playing here.


1. Blind

2. PanAfrican Glider Flight

3. On the Cusp Pt 4

4. Layla

5. Rolling green hills of the Sea

6. On the Cusp Pt. 5

Tracks 1-3 recorded on 1/16/01 at Groovacious Records, Cedar City, Utah

Tracks 4-6 recorded on 1/23/01 at Groovacious Records, Cedar City, Utah