Øresund Space Jam, Dragens Hule, KÝbenhavn Nov 25th, 2005


This was the last jam session of an amazing year. We had invited everyone who had played with the OSC in the last year to join for the band "Julefrokost". IT looked to be a big party with 14 confirmed people, but in the end, only the real dedicated OSC folks showed up. This was quite unfortunate as Mogens had spent a lot of money and time to make all this awesome food and in the end, 6 people did not show up who had said that they would. Anyway, their were 8 of us and we had an awesome time. We all connect so well on a personal and musical level that it is always a pleasure to be with my friends....

I arrived at about 2:45 with Sebastian and Ola, who I picked up at the train station and I hung out and then about 3:30. Magnus and I then went over to loan to amps for Sebastian and maybe Eduardo. He never showed. We came back and set up most all the gear and then sat down for a great fest of all vegitarian specialties. Potatoes, bread, fennel salad, pasta salad with pesto, spinach and feta pies, rødkøol, nut and lentil pate, and more... We made some toasts and had some schnapps and drank the 5L Grolsch Beer keg that I brought. Coffee, joints and people were ready to jam.

The first jam was just magnus, sebastian, michael and søren as the mixer was not set up yet for all us synth freaks. Kasper he joined us on Congas and also a real drum set. They had a short jam which was quite cool, then we took off into space. IT was a great night. We recorded 3 discs (58min, 70min and 79min ) of music with some amazing grooves... Wait til you hear them..... Everyone was totally on this night. The guitars are too low in the mix, sorry.... We have to figure this out.... We need to record multitrack....


1. Leave the Synths behind 8:56, 2. Helps on the Way 6:18, Spaceman 9:45, Dream of a Better Future 13:08, Jam 4:28, OSC Grooves Again, sort of... 14:26


1. Gettin' it on OSC Style 1 18:21, Gettin' it on OSC Style 2 17:44, Burble Gurgle 12:21, Banana Flies 6:11, Stone Nixon 16:58


1. Floaters in Space 19:11, OSC Groove Thang 17:26, The Cat's Meow 17:43,