Øresund Space Jam, KÝbenhavn May 14th, 2005


This was a pretty amazing session with 3 sometimes 4 synthesizer players. Everyone was in a really good spirit and Mogens had a new toy in the Novation X-Station and Sabana had a new Fender 2004 Stratocaster. We had 3 jams for a total playing time of almost 3 hr and 20 minutes. I managed to get the guitar players to turn up and they play awesome stuff. IT is a really cool psychedelic soup this session with amazing sound!. Enjoy.....

I have also included some CD artwork for the session and some good pics of the band but none of myself as I am the one with the camaera!



Into the Unknown Void 31:14, Ride the Sky 26:30


Lay me Down 24:28, Quite Cool 18:17, New Age Lounge Chill Out, Journey to the OTher side 24:49


Who said we were tired? 26:57, Moving Sideways 17:44, Sabana's Riff 14:49