Øresund Space Jam, KÝbenhavn Sept 24th, 2005


We had not played together since July and everyone was in a really great mood and very hungry to play today. Sebastian now lives 500km away near Örebro in Sweden, so it is always great when he can make it for the jam sessions. I picked up Ola, Sebastian and their friend, Emil, who was armed with a Roland SH-101, to assist me in making spaced out sounds.. It was a little over 19 when we arrived and we said hello but got the gear set up pretty much straight away then, the joints and snaps were had and we had our first jam. SOund was very loud today. Søren had moved his drums into the corner (further from where we put the microphones) and also one of the PA speakers. SOund was great today... 4 synth players, this was a first.. We even had five at one point when Magnus played as well.

The first jam was 48 minutes and had someof the heaviest stuff we had ever played. Wow... some aggresive playing and Sebastian played some hot guitar right from the start. Magnus would catch his fire soon though as well. Us synth players, we were in space all the way... A lot of interesting dynamics were explored.

A snaps, beer and joint break and we came back and jammed for 65 minutes. This was totally far out and Magnus played some killer heavy metal like riffs as flew long past the nebula into another universe. Sebastian broke a string and the jam sort of ended... Flying out there....

A short 27 minute semi- ambient piece where Michael took a break on the bass and Mogens played some bass. This was actally a very very cool jam.

We really wanted to play and we did! The next jam was like 42 minutes and started off quite strange and the whole thing was a strange mixture of electronics, folk guitar, jazz guitar and lots of far out sounds. Some sort of free jazz electronic experiment... strange but very cool.... OSC Free Jazz ..

Another magical great night... see the pics..

CD1 Cruisin' with the OSC 18:00, Flying around in Space 10:58, Waiting for the Space Attack 19:46

CD2 I'm Waiting for Tomorrow 17:44, Hop on Board 10:40, The Rats are at the Bottom 11:13, Ghosts in my Head 8:38, OSC Reggae Astronaut 16:14

CD3 Pulsehead 5:32, Space Farts pushing thru the Gap 21:28, Swirling Mindtrip 12:55, OSC Free Jazz Experiment 12:41, Free Associations in Space 17:00