Øresund Space Jam 4, Copenhagen November 6th, 2004


We were slated to begin at 15 (3Pm). I picked up Ola and Dave from Bland Bladen at the main trainstation, right on time at 14:45. We went to the pharmacy so Ola could get some earplugs and off to the rehearsal room. Søren was already there. Magnus was suppose to be here at 13 but had not shown up. We started setting up a bit and then Ola and I went off to by some beer. We got a case of Heineken and two six packs of Julehvil but accident. This is the very sweet low alcohol kids starter beer! Yuck!


Still no Magnus when we got back and no contact the whole day. We finally hear from him around 3:45 and he had been out drinking all night and did not get home until 11 this morning. Serious guy, eh??? He shows up at 5 and we have already started the first jam. He picks up his guitar and starts to fly during the second track. It was a strange night with lots of joints and beers and massive amounts of synthesiers, sometimes 4 people playing at once! Like Mogens says, "You can never have too many synthesizers!". We play 3 sets of jams lasting about 3½ hrs. Nearly everything is recorded and you can hear some of the sessions now.


CD1 Synth Warm Up 7:57, Glide Ride with Magnus 22:45. Space Ska Madness 11:40, Deep and Sdark 18:49, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! 11:19

CD2 Tolkien Jam 17:53, Lost on the Moon 18:45, Reggae Spliff 21:39, Synth Warm out 15:01

CD3 Stoned in the NEbula 15:17, Finding my way out of the Nebual 15:42, Going Going Gone 22:50