Øresund Space Jam, Malmö Feb 12th, 2005


It is snowing like a monster outside and I am waiting at the rehearsal room at 2:30 in the afternoon. Everyone is late.. but not that late. I am listening to the Allman Brothers from Mansfield, MA August 2004 as the snow builds up on the car. IT is quite windy and we have to drive across the bridge to Sweden and I am hoping they don't close the bridge. Anyway, the Swedes are calling and give me directions to get to the place so they don't have to meet us. It is a new rehearsal space. After everyone shows up (Michael, Mogens and Magnus), they smoke a joint and we load the car and we are off. IT is a very slow and careful drive as the roads are really nasty. We finally arrive at like 5 in the afternoon. I drop them off and we go pick up Kaufmann and all his drums at his rehearsal room and then it is finally about 6:30 and we are nearly set up for the first jam now. Phew.... We got a lot of food (tomatoes, cucumber, bread, cheese, peppers) and a lot of beer as well. The room is long and skinny and I am set up at one end and Ola and Mogens at the other. The sound test tells us that it is going to be loud and sharp in the room . All the synth player are having trouble hearing what we are playing. We rearrange the PA a little.

Wow.. people are really stoned today... but the music is really amazing... I forgot my headphones so we have no way to check if the placement of the microphones is any good for recording in this room. I hope so.....

Jam #1 is about 45 minutes long and jam 2 about 42 minutes long. The grooves are really cool and pretty far out at times. Especially the stuff in Jam #2. Seems people are losing focus a bit. More joints and beers.. wow..... I have to drive back to denmark so nothing for me....

Jam #3 is the best one for sure and also the most stoned. I thought we were finished as we all hang out for some fresh air and talk for a while but a few want to play a laid back piece to finish the night. Mogens and Michael are finished.. ears are hurting.... THis turns out the amazing piece, Sunrise, one of the coolest things we have ever played. Enjoy.....


This was the whole session:

CD1 Opening Space Flight 14:22 Stoned in our Zone 33:44

CD2 Heed thy Call 16:48 What? Who me…. 10:01 running away 14:52 Space me Kaufmann 4:51 Smoking into the unknown 6:08

CD3 Stoners in Space 29:41 Floating past you 14:39 Sunrise 11:44 The Last stone standing 14:12