Often whatever I happen to be listening to as I am recording leaves an impression.In the case of HULA BLUES it was Bill Evans and thelonious Monk,both legendary jazz pianists.That´s not to say I regard myself as a piano player of any skill whatsoever!It was a fun track to record and as usual started out as one thing and ended up as another.
NOW WE ARE FREE is obviously inspired by early Pink Floyd and their soundtrack work on albums like More and Obscured by clouds.To get the Nick Mason drum sound I made a couple of beaters out of rubber balls (care of our dogs)and bamboo sticks.They sound very dramatic on the cymbals and tom-toms!
HULA BLUES AGAIN is a fake ´live´version featuring organ in place of piano and at a different tempo.It almost sounds like a sea shanty in places!
NEW MISTAKES IN STEREO is very loose with everything done in one take to get that live in the studio after an evening in the pub sound.