This is my first CD of 2009 and the first to showcase my new drumkit and limited drumming skills! I play everthing on the CD except the Drums on ¨Hope im not there when the wings fall off¨which features John Plush behind the kit.As usual I have recorded everything the wrong way round.I started by recording the drums first and added bass,guitar and keyboards to turn it all into a track.I never have any clear ideas to begin with and almost all it is improvised with no second takes.Often the end result is far from what I started out with ! FLIMSY OVERTURE kicks things off followed by THE WRONG ROAD TO CAIRO whose title is a nod to Brian Auger and features my telecaster as lead guitar for a change. TUESDAY¨S SONG is the most worked on track here and sounds like another track of mine from Death and the sailor I think (i need to go and check). HOPE IM NOT THERE WHEN THE WINGS FALL OFF was started just before christmas and finished early in the new year.Great drumming as usual from John Plush.
Finally NEW YEAR BLUES is the obligatory 12 bar jam at the end! Enjoy!

Flimsy Overture

The Wrong Road to Cairo

Tuesday's Song

Hope I'm not There

When the Wings Fall Off

New Years Blues