The Unseen Blackbird still Sings

The title comes from a line in a book called the 17 by Bill Drummond which I am re-reading at the moment.It is a great book and well worth checking out.
THEME FROM PETERSON takes it´s title from a character in the T.V. series THE BEIDERBECKE TAPES which also provided the title for WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF A NEW ERA;IF ONLY and HELEN OF TADCASTER from QUIET TIME.It has a nice electric piano part using a guitar tremolo effect.
WAITING TO BEGIN uses the same piano sound and continues the theme.
THIRD CORNER is more upbeat with a bass/guitar unison part at the beginning that crops up later as well.
IMPROV FOR JM was recorded just after I heard of the death of John Martyn and is a tribute to him.It is the first time for ages I have recorded my acoustic guitar through my delay pedal and it sounds like something from ON THE CUSP.The guitar is tuned DGDGBD.
A SUICIDE NOTE IN 14 LANGUAGES took several days to record.I played my bass guitar with a violin bow on three tracks to create a cello effect and added seagull noises and a piano part afterwards.It was one of those tracks where I did´nt know what it would sound like til I mixed it.The guitar solo near the end is based on the french song Frere jacques which was one of the songs I failed to learn on the recorder as a child!
THESE DAYS came to me as a lyric while walking the dogs:
These days I can´t find time,
to clear the clutter from my mind,
I feel I must be blind
to all the luck that´s in my life
Hoping for change
is not enough
these days
These days I walk around and I miss the sky my eyes are on the ground and I miss the sky Hoping for change is not enough these days.

Theme from Peterson

Waiting to Begin

Third Corner

Improv for Jim

A suicide NOte in 14 Languages

These Days