Recorded at La Noria Studios, Riogordo, Spain July.- August 2009

"A while ago I contacted legendary underground cartoonist Shary Flenniken and rather cheekily asked her if she could do some CD artwork for me.Amazingly she said yes and sent me the cover art for Trots and Bonnie.How cool is that?
I have to say that was the easy part compared to finding the time and energy to record the music.Trots and Bonnie was recorded over the space of two months inbetween visiting family and having house guests.
When I am unsure of what to record I sometimes go back to earlier themes or tracks I have played before.That's why there are two versions of Pan African Glider Flight acoustic,one electric.
Joe Meek's Cat started as a joke..i was trying to record something that would'nt have sounded out of place at Meek's Holloway road studio circa 1964.
Shingle Monster is kind of a creepy soundtrack to a short imaginary movie featuring waterproof robots on a beach!"

Pan African Glider Flight No.1

Joe Meek Scat

Trots and Bonnie

Pan African Glider Flight No2

Shingle Monster