Recorded in Feb 2009 at La NOria Studios, Spain

While recording VISIONS FROM THE UNSEEN WORLD I was reading a book on Outsider art by colin rhodes.Outsider art is art created by people on the margins of society (the insane,prisoners,visionaries,ect).The C.D. artwork is by Madge Gill,a visionary artist of the 50´s who also inspired the title.
LUX started as a tribute to the late Lux Interior,singer of the cramps.Somewhere along the way Lux became Luxor and things turned egyptian.This happens sometimes.
HEY JOE features chris on bass who along with shane on drums has joined the ranks of the crude forgeries and feature heavily on my next C.D.
MEADOW LARK is one of those lie on your back and watch the clouds tunes.


Hey Joe

Meadow Lark